Welcome to Swedish University Outreach

Swedish University Outreach is the bridge – connecting Swedish academics and practitioners with international clients.

We offer turnkey solutions support to private, public and non-governmental clients to develop, improve or implement projects, programmes, assessments and evaluations.

Our aim is to facilitate and release the potential of international co-operation for the benefit of our clients and society.


Swedish University Outreach was founded and is run by highly skilled professionals with a background in the Swedish Higher Education structure and also many years of experience in the private international consultancy business.

We are experts on identifying clients’ needs and then bring high quality solutions.

We are project managers who will assign the right expert or team of experts for each specific task.

We draw our resources from our partners and large and impressive network in academia, business, industry and government.

Swedish University Outreach is supported by an Advisory Board comprised by prominent and leading persons from the Swedish Science Council, Swedish Academia and Swedish Industry.


Christer Gustafsson 


Chairman, Founding Partner

Prof. Dr. Christer Gustafsson is the Chairman of Swedish University Outreach and at the same time full Professor in conservation at Uppsala University. He is also secretary-general of the International Scientific Committee on Economics of Conservation (ICOMOS). Prof Dr Gustafsson has currently various prestigious assignments for the UN and the EU Commission in his capacity as international expert on cultural heritage. He is also advisor on future cultural heritage policies to the German Minister of Environment Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear safety as well as he is chairman of the World Heritage Academy in China. He was awarded the Polish Minister of Culture’s Golden Medal 1999.


Detlef Clöwe

CEO, Founding Partner

Detlef Clöwe is the Chief Executive Officer of Swedish University Outreach and former director at Uppsala University. He has recently served as resident representative of Uppsala University in Vietnam where he established strong relationships with Vietnamese universities, various ministries and businesses. Detlef Clöwe has been executive director and responsible for commissioned education and training both at Uppsala and Lund university. Before taking up positions at the universities, he has long experience as international consultant in the area of education and training with assignments in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.


Mathias Blob

Deputy CEO, Founding Partner

Mathias Blob is Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Swedish University Outreach. He is a very experienced project manager and has served as head of business strategy of Uppsala University’s division for commissioned education and training. In this capacity he was also responsible for international business. Before Mathias Blob joined Uppsala University he was manager at the international consultancy Ramboll Management in Sweden and responsible for heading international teams working on evaluations, policy analysis and regional development programs. Mathias is also a partner at Karolina Ventures – a digital and f2f investment network, promoting innovation and early stage investment.


Our offer

…to international clients

We are a flexible and fast moving organisation and your one point of contact to Swedish universities and a network of researchers, educators and practitioners. In addition to universities, we do also have access to authorities on national and local level as well as to Swedish industry.

We focus on education and training, assessment, evaluation and consulting in the following areas: compulsory, secondary and tertiary education, medical education and training and health care, cultural heritage and innovation and innovation systems. Our resources are vast and we can provide expertise also in other fields including customized study visits to Sweden.

We provide Swedish expertise to international clients who are interested in gaining and build on well-known Swedish accomplishments and experience.

Recent programs

…to Swedish clients

We are your external driving force, project manager and partner who is knowledgeable in the Swedish Higher Education Act and other regulations. We make projects happen with our competent and experienced personnel also in a complex international environment. We build seamless partnership with other institutions and organisations and provide test-bed and innovation. Being a private entity we minimize the risk for universities and other public organisations who want to engage in commissioned international projects.

What we do

Human Resources

We take time to actively listen to our clients’ needs and align our strategy directly to the terms of reference provided by the client for every opportunity. We ensure references are up to date, track qualifications, manage all payments related to contracts and provide clear accounting reports to clients as required.

Organizational design and development

We work directly with the core stakeholders to design diagnostic tools in order to determine the exact challenges and bottlenecks faced by individuals, teams and business units within the organization.  Our assessment tools address the contexts in which organizations operate, and provide decision makers with options and recommendations for long-term change.

Project Management

We have extensive experience in managing small and mid-size projects. We understand that key stakeholders must be actively engaged in meaningful consultation throughout the life cycle of a project and that consistent monitoring and evaluation as well as hands-on mentoring and training are crucial to ensuring successful long-term sustainable results.

Capacity Development

Our experts provide both theoretical knowledge and on-the-job training to help organizations and institutions develop their internal processes through workshops, mentorship and coaching.

Mentoring and training 

Within every project or programme, we work with our clients to ensure that project goals and deliverables are met. Our education and training is based on evidence proven methodologies.

Advisory Board