Our offer

…to international clients

We are a flexible and fast moving organisation and your one point of contact to Swedish universities and a network of researchers, educators and practitioners. In addition to universities, we do also have access to authorities on national and local level as well as to Swedish industry.

We focus on education and training, assessment, evaluation and consulting in the following areas: compulsory, secondary and tertiary education, medical education and training and health care, cultural heritage and innovation and innovation systems. Our resources are vast and we can provide expertise also in other fields including customized study visits to Sweden.

We provide Swedish expertise to international clients who are interested in gaining and build on well-known Swedish accomplishments and experience.

Recent programs

…to Swedish clients

We are your external driving force, project manager and partner who is knowledgeable in the Swedish Higher Education Act and other regulations. We make projects happen with our competent and experienced personnel also in a complex international environment. We build seamless partnership with other institutions and organisations and provide test-bed and innovation. Being a private entity we minimize the risk for universities and other public organisations who want to engage in commissioned international projects.