What we do

Human Resources

We take time to actively listen to our clients’ needs and align our strategy directly to the terms of reference provided by the client for every opportunity. We ensure references are up to date, track qualifications, manage all payments related to contracts and provide clear accounting reports to clients as required.

Organizational design and development

We work directly with the core stakeholders to design diagnostic tools in order to determine the exact challenges and bottlenecks faced by individuals, teams and business units within the organization.  Our assessment tools address the contexts in which organizations operate, and provide decision makers with options and recommendations for long-term change.

Project Management

We have extensive experience in managing small and mid-size projects. We understand that key stakeholders must be actively engaged in meaningful consultation throughout the life cycle of a project and that consistent monitoring and evaluation as well as hands-on mentoring and training are crucial to ensuring successful long-term sustainable results.

Capacity Development

Our experts provide both theoretical knowledge and on-the-job training to help organizations and institutions develop their internal processes through workshops, mentorship and coaching.

Mentoring and training 

Within every project or programme, we work with our clients to ensure that project goals and deliverables are met. Our education and training is based on evidence proven methodologies.